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Stairlift Rentals

Through our stair lift rentals HME rents the “Bruno Elan Straight Stairlift”, the only North American manufactured straight stairlift system, which is the newest and top-selling stairlift from Bruno. Our rental stair lifts are brand new, and will look great in your home.

Stair Lift Rentals Fees & Costs:

  1. Set up & Installation Fee | $650

    A onetime fee of $650 is incurred at the beginning of the rental period for two of our trained and certified technicians to come to your home & measure for the system and install the product in your home. This total process typically takes less than 3 hours…

  2. Monthly Rental | $285/month

    The monthly rental fee for the stairlift rental program will be $285 a month. The minimum rental term is 4 months. There is no maximum term.

  3. Removal Fee | $265

    If at the end of the period you wish to remove the stairlift, there is a take out fee of $250 to remove the stairlift from your home.

Looking to purchase your rental?

Take advantage of the HME Rent-to-Own Program! Under this program, 100% of the first month’s rent goes towards buying the equipment, and 50% of subsequent three months goes toward the purchase (to max of 4 months total credit). Delivery and installation fees are not credited. If interested in this program, please inquire with HME staff. The purchase price of the rental equipment will be provided by HME staff.

For all buy-out equipment, the warranty is 3 months on parts from the date of buy-out. Labour is not included.

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HME operates the largest stair lift rentals program in British Columbia. Rental stair lifts are a great option for clients who need a stair lift temporarily and HME offers a very popular rent-to-own program. Please call us at 604-821-0075 to get more information about our Stair Lift Rental Program. There are limited units available for this program please reserve your rental unit today!