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Ceiling Lifts

by Arjo Huntleigh

Specializing in installing fixed ceiling lifts in schools, aquatic centres, residential settings, and much more, HME Home Health is one of British Columbia’s largest ceiling lift installers!

The Arjo ceiling lifts allow caregivers to transfer patients or residents without manual lifting, thereby helping to reduce the risk of injury for themselves and the person in their care. Overhead Ceiling Lifts allow those with limited space who cannot use a floor-based lift the ability to transfer people with ease.

Both permanent fixed for more complex needs and temporary portable lifts can be installed by our team of well-trained technicians. All of our technicians have been Arjo Factory certified to ensure proper and safe installation of all of the Arjo ceiling lift systems.

XY Gantry Track

The XY Gantry Track allows for full room coverage and can be installed in various ways, including solutions for an embedded track or wall mounted.

Single Track

The Single Track is typically used when transfers are only needed from bed to wheelchair and vice versa. This track can be installed perpendicular to the bed or at an angle to ensure a more suitable transfer area.

Curved Track

The Curved Track is customized to fit a user’s space allowing them to safely transfer and, in some cases, allowing users to travel into other rooms of the space such as the bedroom to the bathroom.

Ceiling Tracking

Working alongside HME’s ceiling lift experts, clients can create the ideal track configuration to meet any complex needs and interior layout. System configurations are available to support patient handling routines permanently, or for semi-permanent or temporary situations.

The most commonly used track solution is a permanent set-up – the KWIKtrak™ system. KWIKtrak includes single tracks, curves, X-Y traverse systems, gates, turntables, exchangers, and numerous attachment products – a range of options that can be combined to create the ideal layout for specific requirements.

However, not all facilities require a permanent solution, so KWIKtrak can also be assembled as a freestanding Semi-Permanent Rack, both as a single track or X-Y system. And, if a flexible ceiling lift solution is required for temporary patient handling duties, the portable freestanding EasytrackFS® gantry is the most convenient option.

Ceiling Lift Motors

Fixed Motor

Fixed motors have trolleys that are quick to release and are still easily serviced on if needed. There is typically a higher weight capacity than portable lift motors. Fixed motors are preferred by those with a fixed ceiling track since the carry bar is not in the client’s personal space.

Portable Motor

Portable motors are less costly than fixed motors and are smaller overall. This option works well for those only needing a lift temporarily and not a lifetime or long-term user. These motors are transportable and can be moved and shared between different lift systems.

Freestanding Lifts

Freestanding/Portable Lifts provide all the reliability and convenience of a regular patient lift, without the need to permanently install them in a home or facility. These lifts can be temporarily installed in the room care is needed and removed whnever it is no longer needed.

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