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Stair Lift Service

HME offers stair lift servicing Monday through Friday from 8am – 4:30pm. While we do not offer after hours or weekend service, we do have a team of technicians available Monday to Friday, and are happy to accomodate you. If you would like to schedule a technician and it is after-hours or the weekend, you may complete the Request Stairlift Service form click here, and we can schedule your servicing as quickly as possible when we reopen on the next business day.

For Lower Mainland Clients, servicing is scheduled in our South Surrey location. Call our office at (604) 535 5768.

For Vancouver Island clients, call (250) 386 0075

Stair Lift Troubleshooting

Our stairlifts offer lasting value and premium quality. In the unlikely situation that you experience a serious problem with the stair lift. We provide common issues that our client faced with. These troubleshooting videos may help you resolve your issue. If you're experiencing other issues with your stair lift, please contact us.

The chair beeps multiple times (5 beeps) every few minutes

If your chair beeps multiple times or the charger is showing a red light, your chair may have a charging problem. Make sure the chair is at the end position, where the chair can be charged.

The chair beeps and it doesn't move when activated

The chair may not turned back all the way from the swivel position. Make sure to turn the chair all the way to the straight position (you will hear a click).

The chair stops on the way up and won’t go any further, but can move in the opposite direction

It might be that an obstacle is in the way, with the footplate and carriage safety sensors activating and stopping use. Check for and remove any obstructions.