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Frequently Asked Questions

Stairlifts are appropriate for anyone who has difficulty walking up or down the stairs. Using a stairlift can prevent falls, which is the number one cause of injuries and deaths from injury among elderly people.
YES! HME offers customizable curved stairlifts that can be installed in almost any stairway. Depending on your staircase, another option we offer is a combination of multiple stairlifts, such as two straight stairlifts, which may be more economical.
Most standard stairways are more than wide enough to install a stairlift. Typically a minimum of 30 inches is enough room to install a stairlift with lots of room left over for others to use the stairs.
Depending on your stairway and home, installation only takes approximately 4-6 hours for standard straight stairlifts, and less than a day for custom curved stairlifts.
Our trained technicians take about a half day to install a stairlift on-site. Stairs are measured in advance, and your stairlift is made specifically for your staircase making the installation process quick.
The stairlift track installs directly to your steps, meaning no modifications to your studs or structure of your walls.
Each installation varies, but a stairlift can typically be installed about 6 inches from the wall
We offer a variety of stairlifts, with a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. This is calculated based on a standard staircase incline. Varying seat widths, depths, and swivel options also help to accomodate a comfortable ride.
YES! HME does offer price matching to guarantee the best price for our Bruno or Savairia stairlifts and vertical platform lifts. Additionally, HME offers the free HME Basic Warranty on top of the standard manufacture’s warranty.
All of our stairlifts come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty in addition to our exclusive HME Basic Warranty. HME also offers the HME Platinum Warranty for added protection. Learn more about warranty options by clicking here.
Financing is available for all of our stairlift and vertical platform lifts.
Stairlifts are exempt from taxes in Canada, and therefore HST is not applicable when you purchase a stairlift from HME.
HME typically will have lots of straight stairlifts in stock in our local warehouses for immediate installation.
If your Bruno Elan or Bruno Elite stairlifts are not working, follow the troubleshooting guides. These guides will help you self-diagnose the issue and get your stairlift up and running.

Require more assistance? Contact your local HME for help.
Contact your local HME about stairlift services and maintenance rates and schedule a visit from one of our highly trained technicians.
YES! HME’s highly trained technicians are specialized in removing, disposing, and reinstalling Bruno, Savaria, or Acorn stairlifts. This service is great for clients wanting to relocate their stairlift within the same home or moving their stairlift into a new home.