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Curved Stairlift for Narrow Staircase

An Extremely Narrow Staircase Required a Custom Curved Stairlift

This new custom curved stairlift is made for a quite narrow curved staircase. As you can see in the pictures the staircase featured wooden stairs and narrow walls that formed a tight 90 degree angle. These elements made walking up the stairs especially challenging for individuals with limited mobility. Thankfully our team was able to custom design a stairlift for this home so stairlift users never had to worry

Space Saving Features Made this Installation Possible

Without extra space saving features this custom curved stairlift may not have been possible. We added a folding chair so this staircase was still usable when the stairlift wasn’t in use. The chair folds up when not in use, saving space when needed in this installation.  Our team doesn’t know impossible – we can install custom made stairlifts for any sort of environment!