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Proper Evaluation of Stairlifts and Verticle Platform Lifts

Posted March 18, 2013

How to Perform a Vertical Platform Lift and Stair Lift Evaluation at Home

At HME we want to educate our customers on industry best practices. The benefits of choosing to shop at HME go beyond simply purchasing a quality stair lift. We want our customers to understand that only at HME will they receive the care and attention they’ll need throughout the lifetime of their products. This begins with shopping in our showrooms and having access to trained representatives who have a vested interest in helping them find products that will enhance their quality of life.

Everything You Need to Know about Vertical Platform Lift & Stair Lift Installation

But it doesn’t end there. Once a stair lift is purchased from HME  Click Here to download our Guide to Proper Evaluation of stair lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts. Our stair lift evaluation guide gives detailed information about where stair lifts should be installed, how they should be used and how they should work in harmony with other furniture and fixtures of your home. We recommend keeping this guide on hand

Our Guide to Proper Evaluation of Stair Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts Contains the Following Helpful Resources:

Table of Contents:
Stairlift Drawings
Curve Rail Terminology
Stairlift Questions & Answers
Vertical Porch Lift Drawings
Vertical Porch Lift Questions & Answers
Vertical Porch Lift Site Requirements